Hi! Welcome to Biomiracle

We are a leading manufacturer of health and beauty products in USA.  We make products designed with your beauty routine in mind. We create innovative skincare and body care, products perfected to be worthy of your daily routine.

Our success has stemmed from the positive reaction and word of mouth we have experienced with our BioMiracle Facial Mask. Our factories in Korea have been producing quality products for many of the leading branded beauty houses in the US market for years. We work to help women all over the world achieve that beautiful natural face that looks youthful and fresh.

Our research team has formulated the perfect balance of essence oils from natural ingredients to bring the most effective facial skin care products to the US market.  Now, we’re building the future of beauty products where everything we make starts with YOU in mind. We believe in innovative design, cutting edge technology and amazing results. But most of all, we believe that beauty is about YOU, and enjoying live where ever you are in your journey. ​

BioMiracle a trademark of MJM Sourcing is based in Dallas, Texas.


We are a customer-focused company serving our partners with the ability to facilitate a program for their needs.